Make a Parody 1980s Sweet Valley High Book Cover With Stable Diffusion

What to do with all those images you’ve been creating with Stable Diffusion? Are you a child of the 80s and 90s? Let’s make some spoof paperback book covers! In this series I recreate paperback templates from my own childhood favourites and upload them here for you to use at your own leisure.

Today, Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins. Which I never actually liked to be fair. I did read about five pages of one once. And I saw a lot of girls reading these American paperbacks, such was their reach. (I grew up in New Zealand.)

For the record, these are all spoof Sweet Valley covers — parodies — not real books. They don’t exist in the world and have nothing to do with any publishing company.

Shout out to the artist behind the real covers, James L. Mathewuse (June 15, 1938 – October 14, 2021). Here is his obituary. (Links to the Wayback Machine.)


In case you’d like to make some of your own…

PSD and EPS files can be opened in photo and design software and allow you to work with the layers. Affinity Photo files can be opened with Affinity Photo (cheaper Photoshop).

PNG files can be used as an overlay.

I recommend Photopea for anyone without access to Photoshop or other photo software. (It’s like ‘free Photoshop online’ and great for classroom use.) Photopea will open the PSD files although it doesn’t retain editable text.


No problem, though: For the Sweet Valley series, just use the free font DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold for both title and tagline. Reduce the spacing to achieve the Sweet Valley High look. Add an opaque black drop-shadow on the title. Raise the baseline on all letters after the capitalisation.

The DejaVu font works for the Sweet Valley Twins series, too, but without the drop shadow.



Sweet Valley High is basically soap opera for tween girls. Was Francine Pascal a real person? Yes! Unlike “Carolyn Keene”, umbrella name for all the Nancy Drew stories, Francine Pascal is a real person and this year is 84 years old. (Look her up — she resembles an older version of the Sweet Valley twins.)

No surprise, Francine Pascal came from a background in writing soap opera. She co-wrote soap opera scripts with her husband, who unfortunately died back in the 1980s.

Did Francie Pascal write all of them herself? Nope, the Sweet Valley High series alone runs to 181.



Credit for the Sweet Valley Twins series goes to “Jamie Suzanne”, which is not a real person but a name used by a number of Sweet Valley ghostwriters. The name is an amalgamation of Francine Pascal’s daughters.


The Sweet Valley Twins series features the twins as sixth grade students attending Sweet Valley Middle School. 


Generate a list of 50 fake Sweet Valley titles with fake taglines.
  1. Broken Promises – Will Elizabeth forgive Todd for breaking his promises?
  2. Forbidden Love – Jessica falls for someone she shouldn’t.
  3. The Secret Crush – Will Lila’s secret crush ruin her friendship with Jessica?
  4. The Perfect Match – Elizabeth finds the perfect guy…or does she?
  5. The New Girl – Will Sweet Valley High accept the new girl in town?
  6. The Betrayal – Can Jessica forgive Elizabeth for betraying her trust?
  7. Summer Love – Will Elizabeth and Todd’s summer romance last?
  8. The Reunion – Elizabeth and Jessica reunite with old friends…and old flames.
  9. The Love Triangle – Will Todd choose Elizabeth or Jessica?
  10. The Haunted House – Elizabeth and Jessica uncover a spooky secret in a haunted house.
  11. Sweet Valley Scandal – Will a scandal tear apart the town of Sweet Valley?
  12. The Heartache – Can Elizabeth heal from a broken heart?
  13. The Mystery Date – Will Jessica’s mystery date be a dream come true or a nightmare?
  14. The Perfect Score – Elizabeth and Jessica compete for the perfect score on a test.
  15. Sweet Valley Secrets – Secrets threaten to tear apart the town of Sweet Valley.
  16. The First Date – Will Elizabeth and Todd’s first date be a success?
  17. The Forbidden Fruit – Jessica falls for her forbidden crush.
  18. The Lost Diary – Elizabeth and Jessica search for a lost diary with juicy secrets.
  19. The Crush – Will Elizabeth’s crush on a popular boy lead to heartbreak?
  20. The Perfect Party – Can Elizabeth and Jessica throw the perfect party?
  21. The Beach House – Elizabeth and Jessica vacation at a beach house with unexpected results.
  22. The Perfect Summer – Will Elizabeth and Jessica’s summer be as perfect as they imagine?
  23. The Scandalous Affair – Will a scandalous affair ruin a marriage in Sweet Valley?
  24. The Secret Admirer – Elizabeth and Jessica receive mysterious love letters.
  25. The Forbidden Kiss – Will Jessica give in to her forbidden kiss?
  26. The Perfect Wedding – Will Lila’s dream wedding become a reality?
  27. The Lost Love – Will Elizabeth and Todd’s lost love be rekindled?
  28. The Betrayed Friend – Will Jessica betray her friend for popularity?
  29. The Missing Heirloom – Elizabeth and Jessica search for a missing family heirloom.
  30. The Sweetheart Deal – Will Elizabeth and Todd’s love survive a sweetheart deal?
  31. The Jealous Friend – Will jealousy ruin Elizabeth and Jessica’s friendship?
  32. The Perfect Vacation – Will Elizabeth and Jessica’s vacation be picture-perfect?
  33. The Forbidden Affair – Will a forbidden affair lead to heartbreak in Sweet Valley?
  34. The Lost Friend – Elizabeth and Jessica search for a lost friend from their childhood.
  35. The Perfect Date – Will Jessica’s perfect date live up to her expectations?
  36. The Scandalous Secret – Will a scandalous secret ruin a friendship?
  37. The Secret Rendezvous – Will Elizabeth and Todd’s secret rendezvous be discovered?
  38. The Perfect Life – Will Lila’s perfect life be as perfect as it seems?
  39. The Stolen Kiss – Will Jessica’s stolen kiss lead to trouble?
  40. The Perfect Homecoming – Will Elizabeth and Jessica’s homecoming be picture-perfect?
  41. The Forbidden Relationship – Will a forbidden relationship lead to heartbreak in Sweet Valley?
  42. The Lost Memory – Elizabeth and Jessica struggle to remember a lost memory from their past.
  43. The Perfect Proposal – Will Todd’s proposal be as perfect as Elizabeth imagined?
  44. The Betrayed Sister – Will Jessica betray her sister’s trust?

So far so bland.

“Generate a list of 50 fake Sweet Valley titles with fake taglines, as if R.L. Stine wrote them.”
  1. The Evil Twin – Elizabeth’s evil twin is out for revenge.
  2. The Curse of Sweet Valley – A curse haunts the town of Sweet Valley.
  3. The Prom Queen – Jessica will do anything to be crowned prom queen.
  4. The Babysitter – Elizabeth’s innocent babysitting job turns into a nightmare.
  5. The Dead Girl – Who killed the popular girl at Sweet Valley High?
  6. The Secret Passage – Elizabeth and Jessica uncover a secret passage with deadly consequences.
  7. The Sleepwalker – Jessica’s sleepwalking leads to a terrifying discovery.
  8. The Fearless Vampire Slayer – Elizabeth battles a vampire in Sweet Valley.
  9. The Killer Date – Will Jessica’s date turn out to be a killer?
  10. The Phantom of Sweet Valley – A phantom haunts Sweet Valley High.
  11. The Haunting of Lila Fowler – Lila’s mansion is haunted by a vengeful spirit.
  12. The Evil Cheerleader – Elizabeth suspects her cheerleader rival is up to something sinister.
  13. The Werewolf of Sweet Valley – Sweet Valley is terrorized by a werewolf.
  14. The Terror at Sweet Valley High – Students at Sweet Valley High are targeted by a mysterious killer.
  15. The Curse of the Perfect Tan – A curse haunts those seeking the perfect tan.
  16. The Babysitter’s Revenge – The babysitter seeks revenge on the Wakefield twins.
  17. The Deadly Rivalry – Elizabeth and Jessica’s rivalry turns deadly.
  18. The Secret Cemetery – Elizabeth and Jessica stumble upon a secret cemetery with chilling consequences.
  19. The Ghost of Sweet Valley High – A ghost haunts Sweet Valley High.
  20. The Killer Clown – A sinister clown terrorizes Sweet Valley.
  21. The Horror in the Wakefield House – The Wakefield house is home to a terrifying secret.
  22. The Revenge of the Ex – Will Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend seek revenge?
  23. The Chilling Secret – A chilling secret threatens to destroy Sweet Valley.
  24. The Fear Street Connection – A connection to Fear Street leads to terror in Sweet Valley.
  25. The Night of the Living Dead – The dead come back to life in Sweet Valley.
  26. The Forbidden Room – Elizabeth and Jessica discover a forbidden room with deadly consequences.
  27. The Terror on the Beach – A terrorizing presence looms on the beaches of Sweet Valley.
  28. The Vengeful Spirit – A vengeful spirit seeks revenge in Sweet Valley.
  29. The Horror in the Darkroom – Elizabeth and Jessica’s darkroom is home to a terrifying secret.
  30. The Curse of the Wakefield Twins – A curse threatens the Wakefield twins’ lives.
  31. The Killer Doll – A possessed doll terrorizes Sweet Valley.
  32. The Haunted Masquerade – A haunted masquerade party turns deadly.
  33. The Deadly Game – A deadly game is played at Sweet Valley High.
  34. The Terror at Lila’s Mansion – Lila’s mansion is home to a terrifying presence.
  35. The Mysterious Stranger – A mysterious stranger brings terror to Sweet Valley.
  36. The Nightmare on Elm Street – Sweet Valley is haunted by a terrifying nightmare.
  37. The Killer Party – The party of the year turns into a nightmare.
  38. The Fear in Sweet Valley – Fear grips the town of Sweet Valley.
  39. The Stalker – A stalker terrorizes the Wakefield twins.
  40. The Horror on the Volleyball Court – The volleyball court is home to a terrifying secret.
  41. The Curse of the Love Potion – A cursed love potion brings terror to Sweet Valley.
  42. The Possessed Twin – One of the Wake
Generate 50 fake Sweet Valley titles with fake taglines, as if Edward Gorey wrote them.
  1. The Dreadful Disappearance of Elizabeth Wakefield – Will the town of Sweet Valley ever recover from this ghastly mystery?
  2. The Malevolent Mischief of Jessica Wakefield – Jessica’s pranks take a sinister turn in this spine-tingling tale.
  3. The Ghastly Goings-On at Sweet Valley High – Something is terribly wrong at Sweet Valley High, but what?
  4. The Creepy Carnival of Lila Fowler – Enter the twisted world of Lila’s carnival, if you dare.
  5. The Frightening Folly of Enid Rollins – Enid’s obsession with perfection leads her down a dark and dangerous path.
  6. The Ominous Occurrence at the Wakefield House – A foreboding presence haunts the Wakefield twins’ home.
  7. The Eerie Encounter with the Sweet Valley Ghost – Is it a trick of the mind or is the ghostly figure real?
  8. The Horrifying Happenings on Fear Street – Sweet Valley is not immune to the terror that lurks on Fear Street.
  9. The Terrifying Transformation of Bruce Patman – Bruce’s arrogance leads to a horrifying metamorphosis.
  10. The Monstrous Mystery of Todd Wilkins – Todd’s dark past comes back to haunt him in this monstrous mystery.
  11. The Dark and Dreary Day of the Sweet Valley Earthquake – When disaster strikes Sweet Valley, will anyone survive?
  12. The Abominable Amnesia of Elizabeth Wakefield – Elizabeth wakes up with no memory of her past, only to discover a horrifying truth.
  13. The Pernicious Plot of Nicholas Morrow – Nicholas’s devious plan puts the entire town of Sweet Valley in danger.
  14. The Sinister Scheme of Jessica Wakefield – Jessica’s machinations lead to a sinister twist in this tale.
  15. The Terrible Temptation of Lila Fowler – Lila’s greed and lust lead her to make a terrible mistake.
  16. The Gruesome Gossip of Sweet Valley High – When gossip turns deadly, the students of Sweet Valley High are in grave danger.
  17. The Maleficent Misadventures of Winston Egbert – Winston’s curiosity leads him into a world of malevolence and terror.
  18. The Dreadful Dilemma of Enid Rollins – Enid’s secrets threaten to consume her in this dark and twisted tale.
  19. The Egregious Enchantment of Bruce Patman – Bruce’s obsession with power leads him down a dangerous path of sorcery and deceit.
  20. The Horrible Haunting of Lila Fowler’s Mansion – Lila’s luxurious mansion becomes a house of horrors in this chilling story.
  21. The Mysterious Murder of Todd Wilkins – When Todd is found dead, Sweet Valley is thrown into chaos as everyone becomes a suspect.
  22. The Perfidious Plot of Elizabeth Wakefield – Elizabeth’s good intentions lead to a dangerous plot in this macabre tale.
  23. The Horrific Hijinks of Jessica Wakefield – Jessica’s pranks turn deadly in this ghastly story.
  24. The Malevolent Manipulations of Nicholas Morrow – Nicholas’s manipulations lead to a horrifying conclusion in this eerie tale.
  25. The Eerie Experiments of Mr. Collins – Mr. Collins’s dark experiments lead to a terrifying outcome.
  26. The Terrible Transformation of Enid Rollins – Enid’s jealousy leads to a monstrous transformation in this twisted tale.
  27. The Creepy Caper of Bruce Patman – Bruce’s caper takes a sinister turn in this spine-chilling story.
  28. The Ghoulish Goings-On at Sweet Valley Cemetery
Generate 50 fake Sweet Valley titles with fake taglines, for the Amish market.
  1. A Simple Life in Sweet Valley – Can two sisters navigate their way through the complexities of modern life?
  2. Love’s Compromise in Sweet Valley – Will their love survive in the face of insurmountable odds?
  3. The Secrets of Sweet Valley – A small town hides a multitude of secrets.
  4. The Heart of Sweet Valley – Can a young couple find their way back to each other in the face of adversity?
  5. A Second Chance in Sweet Valley – Can a woman start anew in a town full of judgment?
  6. The Trials of Sweet Valley – Two sisters must face their biggest challenges yet.
  7. The Redemption of Sweet Valley – Can forgiveness bring a family back together?
  8. The Light in Sweet Valley – Can a young woman find hope in the midst of darkness?
  9. The Healing of Sweet Valley – Can a community come together to heal its wounds?
  10. The Way Home to Sweet Valley – Can a young woman find her way back to the town she left behind?
  11. The Forgiveness of Sweet Valley – Can two estranged friends find a way to forgive each other?
  12. The Miracle of Sweet Valley – Can a small town experience a miracle of faith?
  13. The Journey to Sweet Valley – Can a young woman find her true purpose in life?
  14. The Strength of Sweet Valley – Can a family overcome their differences and come together in love?
  15. The Renewal of Sweet Valley – Can a town find a new sense of purpose and community?
  16. The Blessing of Sweet Valley – Can a small town find blessings in unexpected places?
  17. The Sacrifice of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman give up everything she knows for the sake of love?
  18. The Belonging of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman find a place to belong in a new town?
  19. The Promise of Sweet Valley – Can a young couple’s love survive the test of time and distance?
  20. The Redemption of a Sweet Valley Outcast – Can an outsider find acceptance in a small town community?
  21. The Amish Heirloom of Sweet Valley – Can a family’s treasured heirloom unite two young lovers?
  22. The Faithful Heart of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman’s faith see her through the toughest times?
  23. The Joy of Sweet Valley – Can a town find happiness in the simplest of pleasures?
  24. The Heartbreak of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman overcome the pain of lost love?
  25. The Courage of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman find the courage to pursue her dreams?
  26. The Homecoming of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman return home and find a new beginning?
  27. The Amish Love Story of Sweet Valley – Can two young lovers overcome their families’ disapproval?
  28. The Challenge of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman overcome the obstacles in her path?
  29. The Blessings of Sweet Valley’s Harvest – Can a town come together to celebrate the bounty of the land?
  30. The Hope of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman find hope in a world full of uncertainty?
  31. The Reunion of Sweet Valley – Can two estranged sisters find their way back to each other?
  32. The Faith of Sweet Valley – Can a young woman’s faith help her overcome her struggles?
  33. The Love of Sweet Valley – Can two young lovers make a life together despite their differences?
  34. The Journey Home to Sweet Valley – Can a young woman rediscover the town she left behind?
  35. The Harvest of Sweet Valley – Can a town come together to reap the rewards of their labor?
  36. The Legacy of Sweet Valley – Can a family’s legacy…
Generate 50 fake Sweet Valley titles with fake taglines, written by Stephen King.
  1. Sweet Valley Nights – When darkness falls, the real monsters come out to play.
  2. The Haunting of Sweet Valley – The ghosts of the past won’t let these girls rest.
  3. The Sweet Valley Curse – Some things are better left buried.
  4. The Sweet Valley Horror – It’s not just a nightmare…it’s real.
  5. Sweet Valley Reckoning – The sins of the past have come back to haunt them.
  6. Sweet Valley Sacrifice – They thought they were making a deal with the devil…but the devil always gets his due.
  7. The Dark Secrets of Sweet Valley – Some secrets should never be uncovered.
  8. Sweet Valley Shadows – What lurks in the shadows of this idyllic town?
  9. Sweet Valley Psychopath – When innocence meets evil, no one is safe.
  10. Sweet Valley Retribution – Justice will be served, but at what cost?
  11. The Sweet Valley Dead – The dead don’t always rest in peace.
  12. Sweet Valley Terror – Fear has a new name.
  13. The Sweet Valley Experiment – They thought they could play God, but the experiment went horribly wrong.
  14. Sweet Valley Insanity – Madness has come to Sweet Valley, and it’s contagious.
  15. The Sweet Valley Plague – When a deadly disease ravages the town, no one is safe.
  16. Sweet Valley Inferno – The flames of hell have come to Sweet Valley.
  17. The Sweet Valley Possession – Something evil has taken hold of these girls.
  18. Sweet Valley Massacre – The bloodbath has just begun.
  19. The Sweet Valley Mist – In the mist, anything can happen.
  20. Sweet Valley Nightmares – The stuff of nightmares has become a reality.
  21. Sweet Valley Pandemic – The end of the world has come to Sweet Valley.
  22. The Sweet Valley Abduction – They thought they could escape, but they were wrong.
  23. Sweet Valley Bloodlust – The thirst for blood has taken over these girls.
  24. Sweet Valley Descent – The descent into madness is swift and brutal.
  25. The Sweet Valley Experiment 2: The Reckoning – They thought it was over, but the nightmare has just begun.
  26. Sweet Valley Outbreak – When a deadly virus spreads through town, survival is the only option.
  27. Sweet Valley Cataclysm – When the end of the world comes, will they be ready?
  28. The Sweet Valley Possession 2: The Awakening – Evil never truly dies.
  29. Sweet Valley Scream – When the screams start, it’s already too late.
  30. Sweet Valley Betrayal – When trust is broken, the consequences can be deadly.
  31. Sweet Valley Abomination – Some things are better left unknown.
  32. The Sweet Valley Experiment 3: The Final Chapter – Will they survive the final test?
  33. Sweet Valley Psychosis – When reality blurs, madness takes hold.
  34. Sweet Valley Apocalypse – The end is nigh, and it’s coming for them.
  35. Sweet Valley Vengeance – Revenge is a dish best served cold.
  36. The Sweet Valley Experiment 4: Resurrection – The dead will rise again, but at what cost?
  37. Sweet Valley Inferno 2: Hell on Earth – There’s no escaping the flames.
  38. Sweet Valley Sacrifice 2: Blood for Blood – The price of revenge is steep.
  39. The Sweet Valley Experiment 5: The Aftermath – The fallout from their actions is catastrophic.
  40. Sweet Valley Retribution 2: Eye for an Eye – The cycle of violence continues.


On paper, things look fine. Sam Dennon recently inherited significant wealth from his uncle. As a respected architect, Sam spends his days thinking about the family needs and rich lives of his clients. But privately? Even his enduring love of amateur astronomy is on the wane. Sam has built a sustainable-architecture display home for himself but hasn’t yet moved into it, preferring to sleep in his cocoon of a campervan. Although they never announced it publicly, Sam’s wife and business partner ended their marriage years ago due to lack of intimacy, leaving Sam with the sense he is irreparably broken.

Now his beloved uncle has died. An intensifying fear manifests as health anxiety, with night terrors from a half-remembered early childhood event. To assuage the loneliness, Sam embarks on a Personal Happiness Project:

1. Get a pet dog

2. Find a friend. Just one. Not too intense.




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