Literacy Privilege

Literacy Privilege: How I Learned to Check Mine Instead of Making Fun of People’s Grammar on the Internet from Painting The Grey Area. This is an article I came across a while ago, and since then I feel a ping every time I hear one of my writer friends complain about grocers’ apostrophes ruining our lives. I had my literacy privilege checked when I taught English in a low socioeconomic high school. Oh, but watching Season 4 of The Wire might help someone out with perspective. I’m not running with that tired old argument that ‘there are bigger problems in the world’; this is different from that. (See, if I were American I might’ve written ‘different than that’, which sounds wrong to me, but is it really? That’s my point.)

When It’s Okay to Correct Grammar Online. Well, unless you want a full-time career as a volunteer copy-editor, best you don’t go there. But this article offers a couple of occasions when you might. (MIGHT go there.)

How Teenagers Keep On Reinventing Language is a reminder about how there’s no such thing as correct and upstanding anyways — not when it comes to language. (Yes, I did just do that.)

Literacy depends on nurture, not nature from Science Daily

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