A Collection Of Literacy Links

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1. The meaning of literacy has expanded. Subject Specific Literacy offers a  list of ways in which literacy is taught across all subject areas, from Literacy Gains.

2. Please stop calling yourself a grammar nazi is a thought-provoking read from Daily Life

3. Literacy, Families and Learning: Providing practical, timely and sound support and advice for parents, teachers and teachers in training.

4. Reading Skills Pyramid from Time4Learning

5. Bower, Gordon, and Daniel Morrow. “Mental Models in Narrative Comprehension.” Science: New Series 247 (1990): 44-48. JSTOR. Web. 25 January 2009.

6. Kerr, Matthew, and Sonya Symons. “Computerized Presentation of Text: Effects on Children’s Reading of Informational Material.” Reading and Writing 19 (2006): 1-19. EbscoHost. Web. 31 July 2009.