sci-fi: an abbreviation of science fiction

cli-fi: a new subcategory of fiction set in a near future of catastrophic climate change events. Cli-fi is speculative and dystopian.

Further Suggestions

pie-fi: fiction featuring baked goods as characters

lie-fi: fiction which has been marketed as memoir

tie-fi: erotica featuring men who spend most of the time in suits

wi-fi: stories in which the main character spends much of the time wondering why the Internet is down

cry-fi: a derogatory term for misery memoir, which is also derogatory

sigh-fi: books which make you wish you’d stopped reading at page 30 or earlier

my-fi: books featuring a main character who is pretty much you, and makes you want to sue the author for defamation

chai-fi: stories featuring characters who love to drink at Starbucks and visit African countries during their annual leave

try-fi: fiction which tries not to sound exactly like autobiography (and fails)

rye-fi: fiction set in Germany, featuring a lot of cheese, ham and salami. The main character is often a baker or a butcher and makes artisanal products

thigh-fi: hilarious, thigh-slapping romps

fly-fi: stories set in the Australian outback

drip-dry-fi: short fiction set in women’s public toilets

glass-eye-fi: stories in which the protagonist loses, and goes in search of, a glass eye

good-bye-fi: typically features settings such as airports, train stations and other transport terminals

bonsai-fi: stars elderly Japanese men who devote their time to pruning little trees in retirement

apply-fi: the main character is also a job-seeker. The story ends when this hero finds a job.

deny-fi: literature written by remand prisoners, thinly veiled as fiction

french-fry-fi: literature set in and around McDonalds restaurants. This spawned an imitative subgenre set around Burger King restaurants.

hereby-fi: fiction written by semi-retired wedding celebrants and lawyers, rarely published

hairdye-fi: literature set in and around beauty salons

comply-fi: books written by an author under a series contract, who didn’t really want to write the last few but had to

mince-pie fi: features baked goods and a Christmas setting

tie-dye-fi: the main characters are hippies who live in caravans



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