Genres In Children’s Literature: Lecture 20: Conclusions

David Beagley, La Trobe University, available on iTunes U

Beagley summarises the key points of each of his lectures.

Here are links to my notes from these lectures. Errors are all mine.

  1. Introduction
  2. Traditional/Modernist Picturebooks
  3. Picturebooks For Older Readers
  4. Author And Illustrator Devices
  5. Postmodern Picturebooks
  6. Postmodern Picturebooks: Anthony Browne
  7. Caricatures, Cartoons and Comics
  8. Graphic Novels, Anime, Manga
  9. Hero Fantasy In Children’s Literature
  10. Defining Fantasy In Children’s Literature
  11. Harry Potter And High Fantasy
  12. Evaluation of Fantasy Literature for Children
  13. Realism In Fiction For Children
  14. Social Issues In Realistic Fiction
  15. Historical Realism
  16. More On Historical Realism
  17. What Makes A Classic Children’s Book?
  18. Children’s Poetry
  19. Traditional Literature