Florence Mutt: Part Girl, Part Dog

Florence Mutt Part Girl Part Dog cover

00 About Florence Mutt: Part Girl, Part Dog

Florence Mutt is part girl, part dog. She’s six in human years, middle-aged in dog years. It’s time Florence embarked upon a dog girl adventure!

Chapter One

01 Baby Dog Girl

When Florence Mutt was a baby she preferred to do business outside. Soon her parents started to suspect something not quite right… was it her fluffy tail?

Florence Mutt Chapter Two

02 The Short, Un-sweet Education of Florence Mutt

Florence Mutt was not popular at preschool. She kept making doggy mischief. But what was the last straw that got her kicked out?

Florence Mutt Chapter Three

03 Quality Time With Her Mother

Now that Florence has been kicked out of preschool, she has to stay home with her mother. Until one day she meets a new friend…

Florence Mutt Chapter Four

04 Florence Had A Fluffy Dog

Florence takes Fluffikins home with her. Mr and Mrs Mutt soon learn that Fluffikins the stray dog is a good influence on their daughter!

Florence Mutt Chapter Five

05 What Florence Did At School

Florence Mutt, Part Girl Part Dog, starts big school. Fluffikins wants to go to school with her. Can Florence keep her doggy identity a secret?

Florence Mutt Chapter Six

06 Anatomy Lessons

Mr and Mrs Mutt try to teach Florence the difference between humans and dogs, to no avail. But Florence does feel better about herself now.

Florence Mutt Chapter Seven

07 Not Your Average Dog

Fluffikins tries his best to be a great guest in the Mutt household, but having a helpful dog gentleman help out around the house is actually pretty creepy.

Florence Mutt Chapter Eight

08 Trick-o-Meat

Florence persuades her parents to let her go trick-o-treating by herself, with her big dog friend for protection and company, of course.

Florence Mutt Chapter Nine

09 If It Weren’t For Those Meaty Morsels

Meaty morsels make you thirsty. When Florence and Fluffikins return home after eating too many Halloween treats something really weird happens.

Florence Mutt Chapter Ten

10 Through The Dog Dish

Florence receives the call of the wild and dives headfirst into her dog dish. Turns out there’s a parallel world on the other side of it. Who knew?

Florence Mutt Chapter Eleven

11 Welcome To Slipper Island

Florence and Fluffikins may have just been through a fantasy portal, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be bothered by border patrol.

Florence Mutt Chapter Twelve

12 BBQ Chicken

Are the creatures on this island welcoming or hostile? When a family of chooks invite Florence and Fluffikins to share a BBQ they start to wonder.

Florence Mutt Chapter Thirteen

13 Marooooooned!

One of them wants to explore Slipper Island. The other wants to go home. Florence and Fluffikins have a big argument. Who wins?

Florence Mutt Chapter Fourteen

14 The Terrible Howl

Fluffikins still wants to go home but Florence decides to stay on Slipper Island for a holiday. If only she had some spending money this could be fun.

Florence Mutt Chapter Fifteen

15 Window Shopping

Florence and Fluffikins try to catch some shut-eye in the doorway of a shop on The Boulevard. Why does it feel like they’re being watched?

Florence Mutt Chapter Sixteen

17 Into The Hairy Lair

Florence and Fluffikins are in trouble with a reptile. The lyrca-loving lizard strikes a deal. He’ll let them go in return for a job.

Florence Mutt Chapter Seventeen

17 Worst Motel Ever. Zero And A Half Stars.

The lizard locks Florence and Fluffikins inside his lycra clothing store and forces them to make a fluffy onesie. But will he let them escape afterwards?

Florence Mutt Chapter Eighteen

18 The Great Escape

Clearly the lizard will never let Florence and Fluffikins go. He plans to keep them as his personal fluffy onesie makers. They must hatch an escape plan!

Florence Mutt Chapter Nineteen

19 To Fluffville

The never-ending Boulevard came to an end. Florence and Fluffikins emerged panting near a busy intersection. Everyone was driving some kind of hover-shoe.  “Look!” said Florence, pointing out a bus stop over yonder. “Maybe we can join a double decker tour to get our bearings. I saw one advertised in the tourist pamphlet. Maybe there’ll …

Florence Mutt Chapter Twenty

20 Home Sweet Breaking And Entering

The flying slipper takes Florence and Fluffikins somewhere eerily familiar. Florence recognises this house from her dreams, and makes a shocking discovery.

Florence Mutt Chapter Twenty One

21 Girl-girl And Dog-dog

Florence works out what’s going on in this eerie back-to-front world where another version of herself has been living. Where is this girl now, though? Eh?

Florence Mutt Chapter Twenty Two

22 Best Kennel Mates Forever. Or For A While.

Let’s give it a trial and see. Fluffikins plonked himself down at the back-to-front table in the back-to-front kitchen. He sipped on a cup of something. He considered Florence’s Other Worlds Theory. She had explained in her usual nonsensical paragraphs. “This is giving me brain-ache,” he said finally. “Explain the physics. Shouldn’t there be some …