Ento = inside, and therefore, by slim assocation, something to do with (the cutting up of) insects

phagy = has something to do with eating

Entomophagy = The Eating of Insects


What if the food ran out? Would you eat insects?

What if they tasted like chocolate?

Sheesh! kebabs can be made with Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers (pictured here), katydids or other large-bodied arthropods.
from NPR

Ento is a company trying to start an eatery serving insects, but they’re having supply issues.

True Paleo Protein from Robb Wolf, who explains that insects are sustainable and nutritionally in line with human evolution

When Life Gives You Invasive Species Make Sushi.

The Stigma Of Eating Insects from The Dish

Why Eating Insects Makes Sense from Mark’s Daily Apple

This Protein Bar Contains 25 Crickets, And You Can Try It Out from Co.Exist

Grub’s Up: Can insects feed the world? from The Guardian

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