Drawing Links 01

I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.

  1. How Science Education Changes Your Drawing Style from Inkfish
  2. Why Are Some People Better At Drawing Than Others? from Live Science
  3. Cool drawings in moleskines from Designrfix
  4. This cool YouTube video, called Think You Know How To Use Photoshop? shows the recorded process of an artist who draws a portrait of a young woman. It’s most impressive. I’m interested in the way the artists uses the morph tool to (presumably) achieve a better likeness, and would like a slowed down version to see what else is used. But in the end we end up looking at a lurid background of blues and reds, and I thought this was a classic example of 1, knowing where to stop and 2, understanding that drawing and colour selection are two completely different skills.
  5. Have you ever made a blind contour drawing?
  6. How Drawing Can Improve Reading Comprehension from Trevor Cairney
  7. The benefits of hand-sketching to clarify your design ideas from Smashing Magazine
  8. Artists Shows Drawing Progression From Age 2 to 24 from Visual News

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