Diaphanous Fabric In Art And Illustration

Diaphanous Fabric In Art And Illustration
Cover of the April 1935 issue of Needlecraft The Home Arts Magazine. Illustration by Gene Pressler
Dell Books 9648 – Ann Helming – A Woman’s Place 1963, Robert Abbett
Penguin Books 746 – F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby 1971 edition art is a detail from ‘Montparnos Blues’ by Kees Van Dongen
WOMAN’S WORLD Magazine Feb. 1933 PHIL LYFORD Cover Art H. L. GATES
Élisabeth Sonrel 1874 – 1953
DuPont advertisement for nylon, from the May 16, 1949 issue of Life magazine
Ladies Home Journal The New Underthings
Andre Castaigne, The Weavers by Gilbert Parker, Harper’s Magazine, Feb. 1907 The feast in the courtyard by the Harem
1923 May cover of Motor magazine by Howard Chandler Christy
Spencer Gore’s mother’s house in Hertfordshire c 1908
Published in the June 1952 issue of Woman’s Day magazine
Quand Hadda reviendra-t-elle by Anne Herbauts from The Casterman Albums

Header illustration: Henry Clive (1882–1960). Sierra Pine toilet soap ad, 1948, Australian-born American graphic artist and illustrator

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