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  • The Secret Self In Storytelling

    Eastman Johnson - The Toilet

    All of us have a Public, Private and a Secret Self. Clarissa had a theory in those days . . . that since our apparitions, the part of us which appears, are so momentary compared with the other, the unseen part of us, which spreads wide, the unseen might survive, be recovered somehow attached to […]

  • Decisions To Make When Storyboarding For Interactivity

    First things first: Does this story require an active and alert reader, and do the interactions reward interactivity and alertness? 1. Should interactions be user-initiated or autoplay? A mixture? I prefer narration to autoplay, with the option of turning it off completely from the main menu. When I have to press a button to start […]

  • Do You Look Like Your Dog?

    There are some researchers, who’ve been very lucky with their funding, who have studied the ways in which pets resemble their owners. If you’ve ever been to a dog show you’ll probably have noticed the phenomenon yourself. Sure enough, it’s been noted that when shown a random mixture of owner/pet photos, people are able to match […]