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  • Censorship of Children’s Books

    The interesting thing about setting up your own small publishing company and jumping straight into storyapp creation is that we are responsible for making every single little decision. I consider our stories ‘different’ from mainstream stories. Middle grade picturebooks are fairly unusual in the first place. Then I read about some traditionally published illustrator’s experience […]

  • Reading Pictures Is A Skill In Its Own Right

    Any sort of close reading of a picture book turns the reader into a semiotician, points out Perry Nodelman in his essay Decoding The Images: How Picturebooks Work. I have been literate in the former sense since I was 6. As for the latter, I still struggle. Hit me with subtitles, for example, and I […]

  • Why So Many Animals In Picture Books?

    why so many animals in picture books

    There are many reasons why storytellers sometimes use anthropomorphised animals as characters in very human stories. Here’s a list.

  • Children’s Literature: How scary is TOO scary?

    Writing scary tales for children is difficult, because it has to be interesting without being too scary. How is it done? Where’s the line? What have storytelling experts said? I’ve always believed that children, even at a very young age, know their limits, and if a story is too frightening and overwhelms them in some […]