Bread Scented Shampoo

O, someone bring the smelling salts! Somebody who is an exchange student in Moscow posted this picture to Imgur. It’s bread-scented. You wash hairs with it.

I was once an exchange student in Japan, where among other minor culture differences which add up to make a sum of ‘foreign’, I noticed that Japanese natives tend to find different smells appealing. American women are notorious/famous among the Japanese for wearing too much perfume. Products for the bathroom were more likely to ‘smell like clean’ (if you can imagine that) rather than some highly potent chemically aroma smelling of some foreign, overpowering flower.

All of this just goes to show how scent and our perception is learned. Why not bread scented shampoo? At first glance this seems very strange to me, but if I take off my cultural lenses, bread is no more strange than the smell currently emanating from me, which is probably part coconut.

Watching Gilmore Girls recently, the character Lane complained that her always-hungry flatmates had eaten her food-scented body lotion on potato chips.

If you’re genuinely hungry, are food scented body products a special kind of torture? Or does everything start smelling of food?

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