This Looks Painful

Artist's Dummy

This is my artist’s dummy, useful for setting up against a light source in order to remind yourself of which way shadows fall.

I bought him at the mall yesterday, after losing my last one on a plane several years ago. He was travelling in my hand luggage, not because I’m unnaturally attached to such things, but because you’re supposed to declare wooden products in Customs whenever you enter Australia. And you’re meant to put such items in hand luggage to hasten the queue. I’m sure that treated wood is probably okay, but I’ve watched far too much Border Patrol reality TV shows to risk smuggling any sort of wood in. I can just see myself on one of those shows, paying my hefty fine in the name of Art.

I’d like to have seen the look on the face of whoever it was who found my little mannequin. Because of all the things you’d hope to find in your seat pocket, that’s probably not one of them. I suppose if I’d found one myself, abandoned on a plane, I’d have assumed it was off on some sort of ┬áholiday. If you’ve spent (too) much time on the Internet, you’ll know, as I do, that people send Blythe Dolls off on vacation all the time. They take photos of their dolls sunbaking at the beach, admiring art in museums etceterah etceterah, and I see no reason why an artist’s mannequin couldn’t indulge in the same.