The Scariest Scary Stuff

“There’s no formula. I think you have to create a very close point of view. You have to be in the eyes of the narrator. Everything that happens, all the smells, all the sounds; then your reader starts to identify with that character and that’s what makes something really scary.”

– R.L. Stine from an interview with mediabistro

All yesterday’s talk of scary stuff made me think of scary stuff.


1. The Most Unintentionally Terrifying Movies Of All Time, from io9.

2. What a little girl does with her copy of Coraline, and Neil Gaiman’s response.

3. 22 Incredibly Creepy Toys, from Buzzfeed. I don’t care what it is, if it’s got those shutting and opening eyes with stiff black lashes on it, it’s creepy. (Those Jolly Chimps come a close second, and I drew one in The Artifacts. Did you see it?)

4. This limbless amphibian family discovered in India is pretty scary. But then I don’t like diaphanous life forms in general.

5. Someone’s list of scariest movies, on IMDB. I haven’t seen all of the films on this list, but the ones I have seen are super spooky!

6. The Earth Might Have A “Pulse” Which Causes Extinctions Every 60 Million Years, from io9

7. The World’s Largest Rodent on Wikipedia I wouldn’t want to feel this massive thing swimming between my ankles in any dogdamn South American waterhole. It’s a lot less cute when you know it’s a rodent though, no? Otherwise it might pass for a catdog.

8. The Spooky TV Movie That Caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from io9 (the website of many spooky things).

9. A list of the 8 Scariest Places On Earth. The closest to me is Victoria’s Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. I intend to pay a visit someday, since I somehow forgot to visit when I actually lived in Victoria.

10. I think all ice-cream vans play scary music, but this one on YouTube is pretty darn scary indeed.

11. The Most Disturbing Books Of All Time from Pop Crunch

12. 5 Scary Reads from To Be Read Blog

13. Watch a GIF of The Joker applying lipstick

14. An incredibly simple horror short to make you afraid of the dark, shared by io9

15. This ‘Goodnight Moon’ Remake Will Ruin Your Favorite Children’s Book from Mashable

16. The Bloodlines series from Wired breaks down what exactly it is that makes a movie scary.

17. Scaryish Stories (for Halloween) from Imagination Soup

18. Terrifying macro pictures of polychaetes or bristle worms from The Telegraph

19. Top 10 Scariest Monsters in Children’s Books according to Smashing Lists

20. Top 10 Scariest Motels in America from Smashing Lists