The New Midnight Feast Icon

If not cake, then what? I liked the cake one. It happened effortlessly. But since our food philosophy has changed and doesn’t involve sugar, there were problems with cake.

I still liked drawing the cake, though.


cake icon


Apart from everything else it’s the wrong colour scheme. That colour hasn’t actually appeared much in the book. The icon should follow the design of the app, offering up no surprises regarding colour, art style or anything else. So then I tried working with the spoon and plate of the title page.



But I couldn’t manage to position the plate in such a way that the layout didn’t look wrong. So next I picked an asset that had already been created from one of the pages in the book. Grapes are food related, and colourful, and kids’ app icons all seem to be colourful, so next I came up with this excuse for a technicolour dreamcoat:

grapes icon


There’s ‘colourful’ and then there’s ‘lurid’. It now has HD on it because we decided at that stage to make Midnight Feast iPad only. (Actually, Apple kind of decided for us, by having a cutoff date for the latest iPhone compatibility). Since Midnight Feast is a dark story — ‘unsettling’, as my friend put it — it made no sense at all to indicate a bright, festive atmosphere via the icon.

That’s why we’ve decided to go with this one. Dan had been keen all along for me to depict a face with eyes on it. Apparently eyes attract attention. When I’d done it, I knew it was right.

final icon

Note mainly to self: I may need to make an icon using Illustrator at some stage, in which case this tutorial may come in handy.