So I’ll quote John Birmingham instead:

The thing is, free apps aren’t free. A digital Skinner Box like Candy Crush gets the hooks in and demands you pay to upgrade the game experience once you’ve succumbed to addiction, or else it demands you lure more idiots into the honey trap by inviting your so-called Facebook friends to play. Other game apps like EA’s Simpsons Tapped Out tempt you in with a free game, which is all but unplayable at higher levels without buying the donuts which serve as an in-game currency. Two bucks for a dozen. Or a hundred and ten for a ‘boatload’ of 2400. Assuming EA actually gives you your damn donuts. Tech pundit and international podcast superstar Leo Laporte famously got stiffed on his boatload of donuts. Ponied up his folding stuff. Got nothing but heartbreak for it.

Just Pay For The Damned App, Brisbane Times

Meantime, any more of you mofos send me a daily Facebook invitation to play this stupid game, I’ll hide you permanently from my everything.