Making Ideas Happen By Scott Belsky

For anyone embarking on the creation of a storybook app, or indeed, any long-term creative project, I recommend the book Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky, founder and CEO of The Behance Network. I’ve written a 5 star review of the book over at Goodreads.

Related to productivity, while working on The Artifacts, Dan and I made use of a shared Google docs spreadsheet, which we set up as a fairly complicated to-do list. We colour-coded it, added shortcut keys for to-do, doing and done, the columns were all different widths and the green colour didn’t go with the yellow colour and I hated it. I don’t know if I can make a generalisation about arty folks in general, but spreadsheets always remind me of maths and other boredoms. The less I have to do with spreadsheets in my life, the better. I didn’t see any point in moaning about it though, and we created a new shared Google docs spreadsheet for Midnight Feast.

Dan has since found something better. This really cool collaborative tool was mentioned on one of his programming forums and it’s called Trello. It’s free, it’s pretty and it’s pretty darn awesome. It comes with its own ready-made to-do, doing and done columns. There’s a lot of extra functionality too, which you may not have known you’d needed.

I’d encourage any collaborative team to check it out. There’s even an iOS app. You have to 2x it in order to use it on an iPad screen, which means it’s pixellated, but did I mention it’s free? Nice work, Fog Creek Software.

Here’s how we have used Trello for Midnight Feast:




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