Dan At His Massive Computer

This is an illustration I did for a Developers Cubed interview at Gizmodo.

In real life, his t-shirt says, ‘It’s safer to assume I know karate.’ (And in very small lettering beneath: And a few other Japanese words.’) This is a very Dan-like thing to say, which is no doubt the reason why he was given not one but two karate-nerd inspired t-shirts for Christmas last year.

The Apple Mac isn’t quite that big, but working at that computer still feels like you’re sitting in the front row of the movie theatre if you ask me. This is probably why I’m still using the PC, even though all the cool kids use macs. True, that.

I wanted to give Dan an afro. I am an artiste, dammit. I am allowed to make things up.

Afro Dan

What the hey.